Fall of 2015!

PostcardWe’re gearing up for the fall of 2015, it’s time to get ready!

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This picture is perhaps my favorite picture in our beautiful Statehouse.  They are 2 of Andrew Doyle’s 8 sculptures depicting the Values of Civilization.  These two are Lady Justice and Lady Liberty and they are excellent reminders, for me, of the role of government.  The other six are Agriculture, Art, Commerce, History, Law, and Oratory.

We are truly living in interesting times and with your involvement, Indiana can continue to be a leading state in the nation for job creation, low taxes, and limited, efficient government.  Our elected leaders are only a reflection of those that invest their time and support into getting them elected, and as your State Representative, I greatly appreciate your continued support in our efforts to continue to make Indiana the envy of the nation!

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Lucas for State Rep
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